biblestudy: The Commandments (Part 11)

Honor Your Parents, Part 2
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 08-Jul-89; Sermon #BS-TC11; 79 minutes

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Since a nation is a family grown large, respect for the fifth commandment constitutes the basis for all good government. The family provides the venue for someone to learn to be hospitable and to make sacrifices for one another, learning the rudiments of community relations. For the child, parents stand in the place of God in the family structure, as the child's creator, provider, and teacher. Successful parenting involves sacrifice and intense work. The quality of a child's relationship with his parent (as well as the quality of parenting) determines his relationship to the community as well as to God. Compliance to the fifth commandment brings about the built-in, promised blessing of a long quality life. Our obligation to honor and to take responsibility for the care for our parents (as well as those more elderly than we are) never ends.

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Absalom The Chamber over the Gate Child abuse Child rearing Church Community relationships Contempt of parents David, example of Discipline Father's influence Fellowship Grudges Honoring parents Hospitable Hospitability Hoover, J. Edgar Isaac, example of Israel of God Joseph, example of Just weights Kingdom of God Limiting choices Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth Obedience Overcorrection Parent child relationship Parenting Peace offering Provoke children to wrath Quality time Responsibility to weak Revering parents Sacrifice Self discipline Shalom Sibling rivalry Turning back the clock, impossibility of

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