biblestudy: John (Part 22)

John 14:7-15:6 Promise of the Holy Spirit to lead us to Truth
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 31-Mar-87; Sermon #BS-JO22; 91 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting upon Philip's request to "show us the Father," suggests that Jesus has provided the way of knowing how God would lead His life in the flesh. Jesus is the way, the embodiment of the truth, and the mirror image of the Father. As a human born into an ordinary family, Jesus experienced all the responsibilities, struggles, frustrations, temptations, and pains that we do. We have an Elder Brother who has been on the front lines, providing us a model to live our lives. Jesus taught us that love is a moral act rather than a feeling, based upon pleasing God by fulfilling His Commandments. Love and obedience are inseparable. Jesus encouraged His disciples by promising to send the Holy Spirit to help them (and us) to cope with the rigorous demands of living the Christian life, making us sensitive to God and educating us to the purposes of God. As we continue to obey, yielding to His purpose, we enter a closer relationship with God, until eventually, having attained the mind of God, loving and personifying truth, we become like the Father and the Son.

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Abiding with Christ Bringing things to remembrance Comforter Encouragement Fellowship with God Greek idea of leadership Grafted into vine Greek mythology Helper Independent Israel as degenerate vine Moses Names of God One who comes alongside Parakletos Passover Peace Pruning Real or genuine Resurrection Sacrifices Shalom Strength Spiritual strength Tranquility Truth Vine and branch analogy Vine metaphor Way Wheat and tares

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