feast: The Purpose of the Church

Spiritually and Physically
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 07-Oct-93; Sermon #FT93-12; 84 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the term "church" observes that it can be applied only to Christianity, and when applied to the term "building," it refers to a spiritual habitation, as is seen in the imagery of Christ the Cornerstone and our part as "living stones." Just as prevalent in biblical imagery is the body analogy with interdependent organs. The function of the church (the Israel of God - Abraham's spiritual offspring) is analogous to a teacher's college, preparing the called-out firstfruits, providing them with the needed education and character development to assume positions of leadership, under Christ in the Kingdom of God, bringing about the salvation of humanity and reconciling the world to God.

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Abraham Sarah Angelic beings Assembly Assyria Before foundation world Bride Christ Children Congregation Israel Construction terms Covenant Corner stone Demons Divorce Ecclesia Egypt Elijah False concepts church Feeding flock First fruit Foundation Fullness of the Gentiles God's building Holy seed Israel God Living stones Marriage covenant Mystery of the Ages Sanctification Sons God habitation house Spiritual organism Teacher's College

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