feast: Prepare

The 21st Century
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 07-Oct-93; Sermon #FT93-11; 69 minutes

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John Reid, reflecting on Paul Kennedy's book Preparing For The Twenty First Century, based on the Malthusian thesis that the exponential growth of population (especially in the have-not nations) is greater than the earth's capacity (even with technology) to sustain it. As the population increases, reckless exploitation of the world's resources has made the capability to feed them increasingly less. Because the populations of third world countries are out of control, the stranger among us is going to rise above us, threatening to destroy the culture as we know it. America may well be taken over from within. We need to prepare for this grim future by coming out of this world, exercising and toughening up the spiritual aspects of our lives through Basic Training (Bible study, prayer, meditation, and fasting) equipping ourselves with the armor of God, the same armor our Elder Brother used successfully in His battles.

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AIDS in Africa Armor of God Basic training Book review Coin collector analogy Consumption and resources Decline in birth rate Guard duty Last Great Day Hanta virus National television Outpost Over the horizon Pat Robertson Paul Paul Kennedy Preparing for the Twentieth Century Preparing our hearts Technology Watching

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