sermonette: Outliers

No Man is an Island
Mike Ford
Given 05-Apr-10; Sermon #986Bs; 18 minutes

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Mike Ford, reminding us that the Days of Unleavened Bread will be behind us in a few hours, prompts us to remain diligent in the times immediately ahead. Malcolm Gladwell suggests that our success in any endeavor depends upon practice; practice is not something we do when we are good, but it is something that makes us good. Professionals never stop practicing. We cannot stop practicing our spiritual endeavors. We must be diligent in order to bear fruit. Is our spiritual vineyard productive and orderly, or is it covered with thorns and nettles? We must harness our work ethic and diligence as we prepare and cultivate our spiritual field.

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Academy of Music Book Of The Week: Outliers, By Malcolm Gladwell - Reviews, Books ... Diligence Field of the slothful II Peter 3:10-14 John Donne Labor Matthew effect Matthew 25:29 -30 Matthew Henry Mark 1:35 "No man is an island) Outliers Robert Merton Proverbs 24:30-34 Romans 8:18-21 Skudadzo Speed 10,000 Hour Rule (8,000 hour rule, 4000 hour rule) Urgency Work ethic


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