feast: Peace

The True Meaning of Peace
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 21-Sep-94; Sermon #FT94-04; 79 minutes

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It is difficult to find pockets or places of peace on earth today. The world longs for peace- a state of tranquility, freedom from mental anxiety, and cessation from strife. In the World Tomorrow peace will be restored when the remnants of Jacob's family will be re-gathered and the waste places will be rebuilt. Even in an environment of peace, the inhabitants of the World Tomorrow (counseled by their spiritual teachers) will still have to struggle against their human nature. The heart (surcharged by Satan the Devil) is the source of all hatred and conflict. By inculcating God's laws deep into our inner beings, we acquire peace and reconciliation with our brother, our neighbor, our enemy, and God, emulating Jesus Christ who set the pattern for us.

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Adultery Angry nature Annual vacation Arnie Hopnoodle's Haven of Bliss Bearing false witness Beatitudes Chancellor Coals on the head D-Day Division Gang warfare Gossip Jacob's trouble Hatred Heart Idols of the mind Jacob's trouble Jerusalem Job Landing at Normandy Murder Nobody wins Peace Peace maker Pearl Harbor Pride of life Prince of the power of the air Reconciliation Red Barn Satan Slander Spirit of Cain Teachers Thet Offensive Tranquility Victs War Worlds of Fun

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