commentary: America's Number One Addiction

Right in the Home
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 11-Feb-12; Sermon #1087c; 9 minutes

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America is addicted to pornography, an addiction claiming twenty-two million Americans (with surprisingly one-sixth of addicts being female). These pornography enterprises generate an estimated revenue of fourteen billion dollars a year, eclipsing the revenue produced by all athletic activities combined. Worldwide pornographic sales take in ninety-six billion dollars of revenue annually. Major hotels such as the Sheraton and the Hilton freely offer pornographic movies which are eagerly devoured by "respectable guests." Pornography destroys intimacy and objectifies the sexual partner. Pornography turns sex into an animalistic, mechanical, self-gratifying act, destroying real, wholesome love.

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Addiction Adult movies Adultery Alcohol Alien vine America's addiction Cocaine Feeding of lust Jeremiah 2:21-24 Matthew 5:28 Pornographic sales Pornography Porn Nation by Michael Leahy


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