sermonette: Discerning the Body

The Value of the Blood
David C. Grabbe
Given 23-Mar-13; Sermon #1148s; 16 minutes

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We must properly discern the Lord's Body, not taking the Passover in an unworthy manner. The Body, in this context, refers not only to the literal body of Christ, which was tortured and beaten for sins we have committed, but also to the body of believers of which we are a part, consisting of our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our brothers and sisters in the faith. The bread and wine symbolically binds us together in one fellowship; what we partake of is what we become: the Body of Christ. We are to remember that Jesus Christ saw value in us, in our brethren, and even in the people that we do not yet like, to pay the price for all of our sins.

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Acknowledge worth of Jesus Christ's sacrifice Acts 15:8-9 Body as a collective noun Body Bread of Life Discerning the body Diakrino Distinction Evaluate I Corinthians 8:12; 10:16-2; 11:17-34, 12, 13; 14 John 6 Lord's supper Love feast Relationships Sharing in the body of Christ Taking Passover in unworthy way


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