sermon: Avoiding Spiritual Burnout

John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 16-Sep-95; Sermon #201; 76 minutes

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John Reid, drawing on an example of an exhausted military medic, explores the problem of burnout with the attending symptoms of collapse, callousness, and giving up. The inability of solving mounting cultural and social problems despite advances in technology puts a strain on anyone who cares about the consequences, especially those concerned about the warp speed plunge into immorality. Because our nation has rejected God, preferring to embrace the mindset of the prince of the power of the air, it is mortally sick. We groan as we see the demise of our world, our church, and our own inclination to sin, sapping our strength and leading to burnout. Drawing close to God (in prayer and Bible study) and close to one another (in fellowship and encouragement) provide the antidote to burnout and an incentive to endure to the end of our stressful but exciting pilgrimage.

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Accuser of the brethren AIDS Apostasy Bogamils Burnout Callousness Cold Compromising Constantine Dumb turtle Creation groans Hard heartedness History of the church King David Lollards Medics Mumford Newt Gingrich Next American Nation Paulicans Perception Persecution Pope Innocent Satan Sense of excitement Seven churches Shantee Stop the world;I want to get off Text Waldo

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