sermonette: Beware the Second Flood

David C. Grabbe
Given 21-Sep-13; Sermon #FT13-05s; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe, providing an update of the CGG presence on the internet, with over 103,000 Berean subscriptions and 58,000 Forerunner subscriptions, alerts us to some of the problems confronting our website, including disgruntled Protestants taking issue with the Berean entries and tagging them as spam, malicious hackers who seek to control our servers, pumping a flood of harmless, though overwhelming, electronic information competing with our website. Satan has succeeded in pumping a flood of irrelevant and useless information, attempting to drown out God's truth. In the information age in which we live, we are inundated with Internet, Twitter, You-Tube. Cable TV , Satellite TV, Facebook, Linked-in, we find ourselves with information overload, potentially fatal to spiritual growth. As God's called-out ones, we desperately need to prioritize our information intake, guarding against blowing our spiritual circuits.

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Bible tools Blacklists Flood Hackers Hijacked servers Information age Information age Internet presence Luke 6:47 Meaningless data Mishaps Movies Noah Offenses to the carnal mind Offensive subscribers Overwhelm with irrelevant information Prioritizing what goes into our minds Revelation 12:15 Sabbath Serpent spewing water out of his mouth Spam Website traffic


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