sermonette: The Price of Your Life

Do Not Undervalue the Sacrifice of Christ
Ted E. Bowling
Given 15-Mar-14; Sermon #1202s; 16 minutes

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Ted Bowling reflects that, although at this time of the year television has produced several depictions of the suffering and death of Jesus Christ, they have all fallen short of presenting the full dimensions of the event—namely the onerous price He had to pay for our sins. Most people do not understand the value of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ's life, from the beginning of the ordeal with the false arrest, the mockery, the multiple trials, the scourging, and the humiliating, horrific Roman crucifixion. We dare not undervalue the price of Our Savior's crucifixion.

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An Examination of the Medical Evidence for the Physical Death of Jesus Christ Ben-Hur (1959 film) Crown of thorns Crucifixion False arrest I Peter 1:20 Gethsemane Hematidrosis John 19:1 Isaiah 50:6; 42:14; 53:5 Luke 22:44 Matthew 26:42,66 Mel Gibson Mental agony Mockery Nails Oil press Passion of the Christ Psalm 22 Roman Flagrum Demonstration Scourge Scourging of Christ II Corinthians 11:24 Shredded meat Son of God (2014) - IMDb Stephen Boyd Stripes Suffering and death of Jesus Christ Sweat like great drops of blood Torture


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