sermonette: The Lamb of God

Jesus Christ's Example
Mike Ford
Given 05-Apr-14; Sermon #1205s; 19 minutes

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The work of John the Baptist was to introduce his cousin, Jesus, identifying the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Christ's proclivity was to sacrifice Himself and restrain Himself as our Savior. We need to emulate the lamb-like characteristics displayed by Jesus Christ. Sheep are gregarious, preferring to follow a leader, showing timidity, influenced by a leader, vulnerable to mob psychology, insisting on their own way, requiring rod and staff guidance, needing to be on the move, looking for places to rest, easily cast down, and having little discernment. The sheep-like qualities of meekness, submissiveness, gentleness, and willingness to yield to the guidance of the Shepherd are attributes God's people, sheep living among wolves, are called to emulate.


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