sermonette: What Are You Leaving?

The Letter to Ephesus
David C. Grabbe
Given 21-Apr-14; Sermon #1209Bs; 19 minutes

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David Grabbe, reminding us that the Days of Unleavened Bread are about leaving one venue (sin and Satan) and moving toward deliverance, warns us that as we leave sin, we do not want to leave our first love, as did the Ephesus congregation as recorded in Revelation 2:1. The Ephesians had a strong sense of duty to not let down, as well as serving as a vanguard in the battle against the false doctrines of the Gnostics and the Nicolaitans. What was lacking was the devotion to Christ, Who had given His life; the spark of love had gone and was replaced by a mechanical going- through- the- motions. They were not zealously attempting to form a relationship with God and Jesus Christ. In an environment of turmoil, it is easy to draw inward in protection of the self, ignoring our relationship with God. Our goal is to grow to the stature of Jesus Christ, or our works are meaningless and will not produce fruit or light. Our prior fellowship lost its lamp-stand because of losing its first love. We do not dare follow in its footsteps, but must reignite our first love with the help of God's Holy Spirit.

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Acts 1: 18 Church at Ephesus Days of Unleavened Bread Deliverance Environment of turmoil False prophets First love Following the forms Holy Spirit Leaving from Satan Leaving first love Let light shine Matthew 5:14 ; 24:11-12 Moving from one place to another Moving closer to the standards of God Religion of forms Revelation 2:1


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