sermonette: The Holy Spirit

What it is and Why it is Given
David C. Grabbe
Given 08-Jun-14; Sermon #1217Bs; 18 minutes

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The term "spirit" has been interpreted into 14 different words throughout the Scriptures. On Pentecost AD, God began to pour His Holy Spirit upon the Church, enabling His called-out people to receive the very essence of His Mind. Spirit refers to the intellectual part of man's center of reason, alternately referred to as heart and mind. In this context, spirit determines a mood and frame of mind. The world also has a spirit; it is the world's attitude. God's Holy Spirit refers to the mind of God/mind of Christ which is added to our human spirit, to create a sound mind, extinguishing fear with God's love, and giving us the power to achieve spiritual goals according to God's purpose for us and to witness for Him by thinking and acting as He does.

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Acts 1:8 Bollinger Acts 2: Dunamus Ephesians 2:3 Essence of God's mind Father and son are one Fear od sacrifice 1 Cor 2:9-16 God's mind as the epitome of sound mindedness Laying on of hands Mind of Christ Pentecost Pneuma Quenching God's spirit II Timothy 1:6 Simon Magus Spirit of the world Spiritual discernment Spirit of sound mind Stir up gift World's attitude World's mood


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