sermonette: Our Reasonable Service

Daily Sacrifices to Take Care of God's Temple
Bill Onisick
Given 19-Jul-14; Sermon #1223s; 19 minutes

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Bill Onisick, citing an early article by Herbert W. Armstrong indicating a cause-effect relationship between disease and broken laws, maintains that God has given each human being the responsibility of regulating the quality and quantity of food intake as a necessary part of maintaining the physical body, the temple of His Holy Spirit. Our Elder Brother and Trailblazer provided us an example, demonstrating that if we assiduously manage our bodies, regulating thought and food intake, we would have no excuse to be sick. We have the responsibility to study the impact of the foods we ingest, learning what is safe to consume and what is dangerous to our bodies. When we are careless about taking care of the temple of God's Spirit, we automatically defile our spiritual lives as well. One really cannot have proper spiritual health without maintaining a physical regime of diet, exercise, and rest. We have a responsibility to educate ourselves in what constitutes proper nutrition, becoming savvy about things such as the glycemic index, chemical additives, genetically modified foods, the flaws in the governmental food pyramid, and the shortcuts taken by the food industry for profits. Much of the synthesized cross-bred grains are not only inferior, but dangerous for humans and animals to consume. In addition to proper diet, we must exercise regularly to take care of the Temple of God's Holy Spirit.

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Balanced diet Big food industries Careless in taking care of God's temple Christ's sacrifice Christ's Choosing to overcome Cross-breeding with tare Daily sacrifice of eating right Diabetes External and internal obesity Eating right I Corinthians 3: 16-17; 6:19-20 I Timothy 4:8 Glorifying God in our body and our spirit Glycemic index GMO Good health as a gift from God Government food pyramid Haggai 1 Health quiz Nadab and Abihu Obesity Proper temple care Proverbs 25:28 Reasonable service Reaping what we sow Refined and processed food Romans 12:1 Rule over spirit Self control Spiritual milk Temple care Temple sacrifices The Plain Truth About Fasting - Church of God - NEO The Importance of Fasting by Herbert W. Armstrong Toxic chemicals Whole wheat bread


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