sermonette: The Second Death

A Lifetime of Little Choices
David C. Grabbe
Given 16-Aug-14; Sermon #1227s; 18 minutes

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The majority of nominal Christianity has bought into Satan's lie to Eve that she would not die, perpetuating this delusion through the doctrines of the immortal soul, with its eventual departure to Heaven, an ever-burning hell, purgatory, or limbo. Man does not have a soul; he is a soul, subject to permanent oblivion unless rescued by Jesus Christ. The wages of sin is death, not life in ever-burning hell, or a stroll through the Pearly Gates. For those who have submitted their lives to God, turning their lives around in repentance, and sealed with God's Holy Spirit, there is no fear of the Second Death. They will be resurrected when Christ returns. Death has both a physical application (which all of us will experience) and a spiritual application (meted out on those who absolutely will not yield to Almighty God under any circumstances, having committed the unpardonable sin, any sin harbored in perpetuity and not repented of). With Adam and Eve's sin, the union between God and man was severed. Through Jesus Christ, the second Adam, access to the God the Father has been restored, and Eternal Life has been granted as a precious gift to those who submit and yield to God, having their characters shaped and molded into His image.

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Book of Life Cessation of existence Character formation Death and Hades cast into the lake of fire I Corinthians 15 I Thessalonians 2 Genesis 3 Immortal soul Lake of fire Let the dead bury the dead Limbo Overcoming Physical application of death Purgatory Revelation 2:11; 20:6; 21:7-8 Romans 5:12 Second death Separation from God Serpent's lie Soul that sins shall die Spiritual application of death Unpardonable sin Wages of sin is death


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