sermonette: Overcoming Hypocrisy

Cultural Transference of Hypocrisy
Bill Onisick
Given 13-Sep-14; Sermon #1231s; 17 minutes

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Bill Onisick, warning us that we are continually in danger of being deceived by our hearts and carnal nature, a nature which distracts us from following God, though we go through the motions, cautions us to not practice hypocrisy before Almighty God. Most have deluded themselves into thinking their ways are pure and acceptable to God, when in reality their hearts are not with God at all, but have been distracted by the flood of Satan's misinformation, subtly instilled through cultural transference, packaging Satan's approaches in food, art, clothing, customs, education, music, movies, sports, philosophy, and entertainment of the world in which we live—the transmission of ideas, meanings, values, and shared norms. Global cultural transference had its origin with Alexander the Great, a student of Aristotle. Alexander aspired to conquer the world by homogenizing the language, culture, and philosophy of the Western world, subjecting it to Greek or Hellenistic thought, squashing local customs and replacing them with the cosmopolitan outlook of the Hellenistic mindset. From Spain to India, the known world became Hellenized, creating a virtual global cosmopolitan city, embracing humanistic rather than Divine orientation, homogenizing art, music, and cuisines of the global community. Ironically, the Hellenistic bent on creating a global community advanced the spread of God's word since the standard Greek language became the medium for transmitting the New Testament and the translated Old Testament throughout the world. The Pharisees exemplify the hypocritical deluded mindset, setting themselves in a spirit of pride above all other people, a mindset of which members of the end-time church are not immune. We are potentially hypocritical and evil as we allow ourselves to become deluded by Satan's flood of misinformation. God is concerned with our thoughts and our beliefs,

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Alexander the Great Alexandria Antioch Aristotle Attention span of a goldfish Athens Blessings and curses Choices Concentric circles Cosmopolis Cosmopolitan Cultural Transference Deuteronomy 20:16-18 30:12- Enemy is us I John 1:9 flood of Satan's misinformation Global cultural transference Greek language as medium for transmission of biblical truth Heart deceitfully wicked Hellenism Humanistic versus divine Hypocrites Internet Isaiah 29:1314 Jeremiah 19:9 Internet Leavening of the Pharisees Luke 12 Matthew 15:7-8 Misinformation Movies Overcoming Pharisee's heart Pharisees Psalm 124 Revelation 12:15 Romans 5:5 Satan's distractions Satan's misinformation Satan's strategic plan Satan's way of get Saul's Pharisaical blindness Seven churches in Revelation Spiritual goal Standard Greek language Thinking ourselves as better Weightier matters of the law World- wide culture


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