sermonette: Building Relationships

Can We All Just Get Along?
Ryan McClure
Given 20-Sep-14; Sermon #1232s; 16 minutes

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Ryan McClure, reflecting on the oft-repeated Rodney King quotation, "Can we all get along?" asks us how we are doing with our relationships, dealing with people with whom we find it difficult to get along. The Scriptures provide many examples of how difficult relationships were dealt with by humility, deference, and longsuffering, including Abram to Lot, David to Saul, and Jacob to Esau. Our relationship challenges can be vastly improved if we increase our regimen of prayer and putting the fruits of God's Holy Spirit into action.

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Abram and Lot Abishai April 1992 acquittal "Can we all get along?" David and Saul Deferring to Lot Faithfulness Family trouble Gentleness Handling with humility I Corinthians 13:4-8 I Peter 4:8,7 I Samuel 16:1-23 Galatians 3: 28; 5:1 Genesis 13:1-18; 32: 9-12 Goodness Great commandment Jacob and Esau James 1:2-7,19 ; 3:13 Joy Kindness Longsuffering Love Matthew 5:9 22:37-39, 43-48 1991 Peace Racial Repeated riots Relationship challenges Relationship issues Rodney King video Self-control Shimei Take the high road Taking matters into our own hands


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