sermon: Psalms: Book Four: He Is Coming!

Themes of Trumpets
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 25-Sep-14; Sermon #1233A; 79 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, focusing upon Book IV of the Psalms, corresponding with the fall festivals, singles out the Feast of Trumpets for its themes and imagery, as well as the Summary Psalm 149. Trumpets could be considered the opening salvo of the fall feasts, beginning with a blast of the trumpet or shofar, reminiscent of the event on Mount Sinai in which God visited His people, brought the Law, and brought righteous judgment—an event which depicts another judgment coming upon the earth following the Seventh Trumpet and the seven trumpet plagues or bowls of judgment in which God will shake the earth and destroy those whose goal has been to destroy the earth, and a time when Christ will claim His Bride and the Marriage of the Lamb will commence. Psalm 91 anticipates the Day of the Lord, the return of Christ coming for judgment, and destruction, but also putting a protective hedge around His people. Psalm 90, written by Moses, wistfully asks how long it will be before this condition of temporariness can be turned to eternal life. Psalm 91, perhaps also written by Moses, discusses a kind of place of refuge in which the protected saints can view the destruction of Satan's evil system. Psalm 94 seems to reflect the point of view of saints not in a place of safety, anxiously waiting for the end of times of tribulation. The key to weathering these fearful times is drawing close to God with a view of emulating His life and getting to know Him, preparing for rulership in His Kingdom.

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Babylon Book 4 of the Psalms Blast of trumpet Bowls of God's judgment Day for a year Day of the Lord Deuteronomy 32: Deliverance from danger Destruction Earthquake Fall festivals 4 holy days Fall harvest most glorious time of year Five seasons God's wrath Hailstones Holy day seasons Joel 1:2,10 John 17:3 Judged the Great Harlot Lamentations Marriage of the Lamb Megillot New moons Numbering our days Numbers 10:1-19 Passover Pentecost Place of safety Promised protection Psalm 81:8 90, 91, 94, 101 149 Psalms Return of Christ Revelation 11:15; 16:17; 19:1-18 Ruling with a rod of iron Shofar Song of Songs Summer Teach us to number our days Twinkling of an eye Winter

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