sermonette: Just What is Mercy?

Clyde Finklea
Given 09-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-03s; 20 minutes

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Clyde Finklea, reflecting on Joseph Felix's book Lord Have Murphy, a humorous analysis of Murphy's Law, asserts that it is impossible to become perfect without having mercy or compassion. The parable of the good Samaritan provided a exemplary model for developing compassion, beginning with sympathy and culminating in an action or concrete act of goodness. Mercy is an action, not merely a state of mind The command made by Jesus to become perfect includes showing compassion to love our enemies, relieving their miserable conditions. The Laodicean mindset is characterized by a deficit in merciful acts, forgetting the enormous debt their Savior had paid with His life. Whenever we forget Christ's sacrifice for our sins, we resemble the unmerciful servant, who, when he was absolved of a million dollar debt, acted harshly and mercilessly to a fellow servant who owed him a mere twenty dollars. We have received an immense measure of mercy; Christ wants us show compassion to our fellow man. Our marching orders are to walk humbly and to love justice and mercy. Whoever has a large share of the world's possessions, but shuts his charity off when he sees a fellow Christian in need, is blind to his spiritual nakedness.

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Beeper Blind Cellphone Compassion I John 3:17 I Peter 2:8-10 Good Samaritan Lacking in God's Spirit Laodicean Lord Have Murphy Loving enemies Luke 6:36 Matthew 5:48 Merces Mercy Micah 6:8 Miseri Murphy's Law Revelation 3:17,19 Romans 7 Samaritans as dogs Spiritual blindness Spiritual nakedness Sympathy


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