feast: Blessing Promises: Our Spiritual Inheritance

Martin G. Collins
Given 10-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-04; 78 minutes

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Martin Collins, reflecting on the term blessed and blessing, rendered into triviality by the prosperity gospel, cautions us not to be glibly equating God with a magic genie or spiritual automatic pill- dispenser. Material blessings do not necessarily equate to prosperity, even though God has commanded us to be productive and work hard. In the Beatitudes, the destitute and disenfranchised were given promissory notes of His Kingdom. Individually, most of the major figures in the Bible did not have abundant physical prosperity , but were immensely blessed spiritually. We should desire the spiritual side of the spectrum, worthy to be well-spoken of at Christ's return. When we ask to be blessed, it should be exclusively on His terms, leading to our eternal good. What God has done in our earthly lives should be the best preparation for our future responsibilities. There can be NO blessing without the indwelling of Christ through God's Holy Spirit, the true source of our joy and happiness. Without the fellowship with Christ, there is no prosperity, either spiritual or physical. The Seven Churches of revelation all received immense spiritual promises, a new name, co-rulership over the nations, being kept from the hour of trial , and being made pillars in the Temple of God. These rewards are contingent upon overcoming a specific deficit through performing a specific developmental task, all involving the keeping of God's Commandments.

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Attempt to worship angel Benefactor and recipient Bless me God Bless Blessed Blessed day Blessed with God's money Blessing of obedience Compassionate Deuteronomy Doctrinal defection Ephesians 1:3-6 Eulogeo Eulogetos I Timothy 6:9-10 Free will Grace Grateful Hard for a rich man to enter Kingdom of God Hebrews 12:7 Humble brag " I am humbled you follow my tweets" I feel very blessed I'm so blessed Isaiah 60:5 Isaiah 61:10; 65:18-23 John 6:48 Living game of Love of money Losing first love Luke 1: 28, 41-42, 48, 68; 6:20-23 Lukewarmness Macarios Mark 14:61 Monopoly Luke 18:22-23 Matthew 5:25 19:23-24 Morning star Love Marriage supper of the lamb Our future Overcomes Overused word Pergamos Perseverance Philanthropists Pillar in the temple Promissory note to God's Kingdom Prosperity gospel Putting on righteousness Revelation 1:3- 3:16-20; 5:8-18; 14:12-13; 16:15; 20:6 ; 22:12- Romans 9:5 Seven churches of Revelation Seven rewards (Macrios) Seven promises Special treasure Spiritual deadness Spiritual vigilance Thyatira Wash their robes Worthy to be well spoken of

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