feast: The Not-A-Problem Folk

Charles Whitaker
Given 15-Oct-14; Sermon #FT14-12; 37 minutes

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Charles Whitaker, citing British philosopher Arnold Toynbee's warning that when a civilization responds to a challenge successfully, it survives, and when it does not, it commits suicide, proclaims that because America, over the last several decades, has not responded to the challenge, the die is cast for its destruction. History could be characterized as "a panoply of responses" from forceful, extreme, wimpy, or Band-Aid and non-existent. King David, because of his botched-up, indulgent, child-rearing practices, failing to deal with pride, rebellion, and self-centeredness of his offspring, brought havoc upon the nation of Israel. Responses on the macro or national level must begin on the micro or family level; there cannot be national governance unless there is first successful individual governance. In the 1930's, the comic book and the movie cartoon arrived on the American scene, exploring and traversing the boundaries of decency. Bimbo's Initiation is an example of this low level of decency. Conservative religious circles responded to the deterioration of moral values, forcing the comic book industry to police itself, more with the motivation of protecting their profits than from any twinge of conscience. In 1954, nevertheless, the descent into the cesspool was temporarily averted, at least for a couple of decades, when crime was punished instead of glorified, when policemen were respected instead of vilified, when females were drawn realistically, and sexual perversion was abnormal rather than normal as it is portrayed today by liberal progressive humanists. Since 1971, the comic industry has destroyed its own code, and smut and filth is the new normal. We have no bold Phineases today who are unafraid of political correctness. The die has been cast for morally bankrupt America (and modern Israel as a whole). As God's called-out ones, we must draw close

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Adonijah Arnold J. Toynbee Association of Comics Magazine Publishers Bimbo's Initiation - The Vigilant Citizen Boys Kissing Boys Brutal torture Comic books Comics Code Authority Comic Book Legal Defense Fund David's child rearing practices Dr. Spock Frederick Wertham Ezekiel 7:2-14 I Kings 1:5-6 History as a panoply of responses Homosexuality Julius Caesar Marvel Comics McCarthy era Numbers 25:6-9 Pedophiles Perverts Phineas Plague on Israel PTA Protecting smut and filth as a legal right Seduction of the Innocent (1954 - 2nd Printing) - Scribd Sounds of Silence Shadow boxing with imaginary enemy Supreme Court as the oligarchy of immorality The temple, the temple, the temple

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