sermonette: The Lures Of Satan

Overcoming Temptation
Bill Onisick
Given 15-Nov-14; Sermon #1240s; 18 minutes

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Satan is selective in the lures he uses to trap us. We do not all succumb to the same temptations. Some people are tempted by food or alcohol, and others may be tempted by fame, while others may be tempted by pride. The vigilant trout become stream-smart about the lures that are tossed their way. Like the wary trout we must be cautious, realizing that the lure of sin, regardless how it is disguised, means death. We must be vigilant like the fish which can spot the fisherman's reflection. We need to trust and rely on God's faithfulness to help us resist and provide a way of escape. We should study and apply God's Word, hiding it in our heart for those times when we will need it, and cry out to God for power to resist the temptations.

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Catch and release crafty harlot Drink Dumb ox to slaughter Entertainment I Corinthians 10:12-13 I Peter 5:8 Fly fishing Food God tempts no one Hebrews 4:17 Hook of pride and self-righteousness Hook of sin James 1:12-17 Job Luke 22:14 Lure Matthew 4:3; 6:13 Proverbs 7 Psalm 119: 11; 141: 4; Satan as crafty fisherman II Timothy 1:7 Self-control Set a watch before my mouth Sex Trout fishing Way of escape


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