sermonette: What's Your Function?

Routing Out Sinful Dysfunction From Our Fellowship
Joseph B. Baity
Given 27-Dec-14; Sermon #1246s; 19 minutes

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Joseph Baity, reflecting on Marcellus,' oft-quoted pronouncement from Shakespeare's Hamlet, "something rotten in the state of Denmark," suggests that this aphorism has served as a shorthand for political corruption and intrigue in our culture. In scanning the Internet, one finds impelling substantiation for this poignant observation in the bizarre headlines which surface on a daily basis, indicating that the family of man is becoming highly dysfunctional, reflecting an abnormal behavior contrary to what is intended, threatening social stability. Functional refers to fulfilling the role for what was intended or performing as designed. Functional families deal with conflict, avoiding abuse or neglect. When God created the earth, everything was called good—functioning according to how it was designed. The Mechanical Translation of the Torah translates the word good as functional. All of us were designed by our Creator to function in a specific way. We were designed to obey God's commandments; to disobey is to be dysfunctional, leading to chaos, disorder, and misery. Dysfunction comes from denying the truth regarding the chaos and disorder we experience. The Laodicean era could be considered a time of dysfunction. Spiritual creation did not end at the conclusion of physical creation, but only commenced. Satan tries to make us dysfunctional by focusing on the lures of the world, enticing us to be productive in our pursuit of them. When we try to blend the world with God's Truth, we actually water down the truth. Watered down truth is not truth. Knowing the truth is not equivalent to walking in the truth. Spiritually, to function is to use and process the truth. To function or not to function; that is the question.

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Abnormal action contrary to what a thing is intended Abnormality Abusers using spyware apps to monitor partners reaches 'epidemic proportions' 'Canadian cannibal' found guilty in murder of former lover Colorado gun group: Let marijuana users have concealed Cops: Man Pulled Gun Over Missing McDouble Burger Deuteronomy 1: 6-7 Deviating from the normal Dysfunction cannot bear truth Ephesians 2:10 Genesis 1: 4,10,12, 18, 21, 25, 26 ; 2:9 Jeff Benner Laodiceans Man burned down woman's house after she rejected his Facebook friend request John 8:31 Marcellus Matthew 24:12 Mechanical interpretation of the Torah Political corruption Pride as disagreement with the truth Proverbs 29:18 Revelation 3:17 Scanning the internet Something's rotten in the state of Denmark Spiritual malaise The Mechanical Translation of the Torah Tov Tree of Life Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil Truth sets us free


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