sermonette: A Disagreement With the Truth

Joseph B. Baity
Given 07-Mar-15; Sermon #1256s; 15 minutes

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Google, along with any other search engine, government influenced or not, is hopelessly influenced by the Babylonian system, and is consequently out-of- sync with real truth. God alone possesses truth and we must seek this truth as we would seek precious gems. Pride, the kind that undid Satan, could be described as disagreement with the truth. If we have pride, we will not be privy to God's truth, but will be clouded in self-deceptive haze. In order to hear God, we must acknowledge that without Him we can do nothing, realizing that Jesus Christ is the Way and the Truth. Without God's Holy Spirit, our carnality is perpetually at war with the truth. As we face the new Tower of Babel, via the Internet and managed news sources, we must listen carefully and critically, to ensure that we do not heed a lie, and, acting on it, compromise God's truth.

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Babylon ruled by Satan Choosing path Defining truth Disagreement with truth Five keys to hearing God Fundamentals to hearing truth God gives grace to the humble Google Humble submission to God Internet Isaiah 55:2 James 4:6-8 Listening as an alarm system Jeremiah 17:9 John 10:27 14:6; 15:5 New tower of Babel Nothing but the truth Pride as disagreement with truth Proverbs 2:1-5 Rank website according to their truthfulness Real listening Responding to voice of God Romans 8:7; 10:17 Satan's pride Search engine chicanery Seeking truth like treasure Self deceptive haze Seth Horowitz Software


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