sermon: Rock of Salvation or of Offense?

Mark Schindler
Given 13-Jun-15; Sermon #1272B; 37 minutes

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Mark Schindler, reflecting upon a recent survey by the Barna Group reporting that, while a majority of Americans accept Jesus as a historical personage, beliefs in His divinity and His sinlessness precipitously decline with each successive generation, declares that, if we do not trust in Christ as our salvation, we will encounter Him as a stumbling block, offense, or tripping point. We reinforce our faith in Christ by studying the bedrock of knowledge, God's word, and applying it continually in our lives, loving one another as Christ loved us. As God's called-out ones, we have the mandate to sanctify God, imitating Christ, regarding Him and His Word as precious. In this capacity, we must respect those who bring us the word through preaching and teaching, refraining from bringing them grief by nitpicking at non-essentials, but to patiently seek and apply the spiritual insights in the messages. In the Body of Christ, rancorous debate should not exist. Through simmering rancor and anger, we could easily bring on dishonor, making the Rock of Christ a stumbling block to our brethren.

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Barna Group 87 % of young people do not believe in Christ's divinity Christ as stumbling block Christ as a rock of offense Debate and rancor Distorted beliefs Intersection of faith and culture Isaiah 8:11-16, 19-22 James 3:1-3; 4:1-6, 11 John 13:13-14 Judah regards Christ as stumbling block Matthew 25:40 More money one has the less likely one will commit to Christ Moses striking the rock Numbers 20:6 Romans 10:13-14 Stone of stumbling and snare

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