sermon: Psalms: Book Three (Part Five)

Dealing With A Rebellious Child
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 14-Sep-15; Sermon #1286A; 75 minutes

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How would you discipline a recalcitrant, obstinate child? There are numerous approaches, from harsh to indulgent, and good parents should have a multitude of solutions, not just a carrot or a stick. The children of Jacob have throughout history behaved like spoiled brats, perennially earning God's wrath and discipline. Yom Teruah, the Day of Trumpets, pictures a shout of warning, a time of gloominess and dread, the Day of the Lord in the valley of decision, the great tribulation when God's wrath will be poured upon mankind, a curse they bring on themselves. Sadly many in God's Church will also ignore the warning, reaping the consequences of their lack of submission. God is full of grief that it has come to this sad state of apostasy. Our worship on the Day of Trumpets should constitute praise and worship, extolling the attributes, blessings, and promises of God. The Feasts of God establish God's statutes, laws, testimonies, ordinances, and rulings. If we would keep God's Feasts properly, we would be in sync with God's noble purpose for us, defending us from falling into apostasy and idolatry. God tested physical Israel and is continuing to test spiritual Israel, the Israel of God. We dare not imitate the rebellion of our forebears on the Sinai who fell into idolatry, but rather must hallow God and keep His Commandments.

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Admonishment Apostasy Day of the Lord Day of shouting Discipline Israel hearing a language it could not understand Israel as spoiled brats Joel 2:1; 3:9 Joseph Law Mishpat Praising God's name Psalm 81 Reaping what we sow Redemption story Rosh hashana Shofar Shouting in unison Shouting Statutes, laws, and testimonies Yom Teruah Zikron teruah

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