feast: The Gift of Milk and Honey

Kim Myers
Given 04-Oct-15; Sermon #FT15-10B; 50 minutes

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Kim Myers, tracing ancient Israel's abject bondage to the Egyptians and their subsequent redemption and journey to their great gift (that is, the Promised Land), draws a parallel to the Israel of God. We have been in bondage to sin, enslaved to alcoholism, adultery, lying, and other carnal pulls. Like the ancient Israelites, we have a tendency to gripe and complain, wrongly thinking that the days before conversion were enjoyable, forgetting we were wallowing in slop and eating garbage. Like the ancient Israelites, we sometimes come to yearn for our previous bondage. Because God loved ancient Israel, He spoke to Moses 72 times, giving specific guidance; He has given us His Holy Spirit for the same purpose. The ancient Israelites grumbled when God gave them the land of the Amalekites, fearing God would not back them, even after the backdrop of witnessing many incontrovertible miracles. After the deaths of the recalcitrant first generation (a collection of rebels who preferred bondage to godly freedom), an emergent second generation entered the land of milk and honey, with God winning all their military victories for them. No other people in the world have been given a gift like that. If we understood God's divine purpose for us, we would live our lives entirely differently. God's ways from the world's point of view are strange; the world thinks we are nerds. But living God's ways will enrich us with the fruits of the Spirit. Most of us do not comprehend the magnitude of the gift God has given us, a trillion times better than the gift He gave to the ancient Israelites. Obedience to God's law is the key factor in growing toward God's Holiness.

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Abortion Chitlins Clean and unclean meats Clearing five acres of land Deuteronomy 1:8, 21-27, 30; 3:4-5; 4:2, 9; 5:22-23, 32-33; 6:4-5; 8:1-3, 16; 9; 10; 12;14; 15; 16; 18:10; 19; 20:4; 22; 31:10-11; 33 Exodus 15:24; 16:23; 19:16-18; 34:6-7 False weights and measures Galatians 5:22-23 Garbage pots Hearts circumcised Holy days Homosexuality Israel's bondage under the Egyptians Loss of Viet Nam War Manna Manslayer Moses face shine as sun National debt 19 trillion dollar debt No option to fail Obedience Pillar of fire and cloud Prostitutes Rainbow colors Teaching our children 12 spies Water out of rock Year of release

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