sermon: The Hard Makes it Great

Mark Schindler
Given 07-Nov-15; Sermon #1294A; 30 minutes

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Mark Schindler, acknowledging that movies and books contain unforgettable aphorisms to ponder or live by, focuses on a memorable line from the movie A League of Their Own, a movie about a struggling women's baseball team, when the coach tells a disheartened player, "It's supposed to be hard; if it weren't hard everybody would be doing it; the hard makes it great." This powerful aphorism should be inculcated by everyone called-out to follow the unique, rigorous, tribulation-laden path blazed by Jesus Christ. We live in a world in which everyone is under the harsh bondage of sin. We have been given the privilege of living God's way now, making the arduous struggle against the world's depraved system a great, memorable experience, enabling us to master some things which most in the world cannot yet do. The hard things God wants us to do are preferable to the harsh bondage to sin the world is now under. The hardness makes us hardy enough to be included in the first harvest. As Satan deceived Mother Eve that to choose for ourselves is better than following God, the rest of the world continues to follow that deception. We find it most difficult to live exclusively in the way God has chosen for us. The world's ways are the easiest roads to take; carnal human nature is enmity against God. Satan has been given the power to deceive the world to this day. Those who have been called to the truth will be on a collision course with the world. But it is the hard way that makes our lives great, to be in harmony with the Father and the Son. When David heard the devastating news about the attack of the Edomite's, he nevertheless trusted that God would give his armies the ultimate victory, rallying the people around the Lord's banner. In our battles against the world, faith must conquer fear. Soldiers have died to defend the flag; we must be prepared to die to defend godly sta

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A Few Good Men A League of Their Own (1992 A Tale of Two Cities All the Divine Names and Titles in the Bible - Herbert Lockyer Amelek "Are you crying?, Are you crying?; there's no crying in baseball" Bible Exposition Commentary Charles Dickens Citizen Kane Consequences of deciding right and wrong Curses on Adam and Eve Defeat of the Edomites Defending of banner or flag symbolic of defense of principle Exodus 17: I Chronicles 8:19 Genesis 2: 15-17; 3:1-16 Groucho Marx Hamlet Harsh labor Harsh pain of separation Hebrews 12:8-10 "It was the best and the worst of times" Jehovah Nissi John 17:6-9,13- Mc BethPsalm 60 :1-5; 10-12 Romans 8: 28 The Lord our Banner The Princess Bride " To be or not to be" "Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow" "Toto, I have the feeling we're not in Kansas anymore" Tree of the knowledge of good and evil Unique lives God has given us "You want the truth; you can't handle the truth" William Shakespeare Wizard of Oz

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