sermon: On This Side of Jordan

Charles Whitaker
Given 07-Nov-15; Sermon #1294B; 32 minutes

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Charles Whitaker, examining Christ's statement that the law will not pass away until all has been fulfilled, indicates that the Law of God will change only when the preconditions Christ established in Matthew 5:18 have been met. Paul asks and answers the question, "Why do we need the law in the first place?" in Galatians 3:19-25, revealing it was given as a schoolmaster, teaching us what sin is. When the circumstance of sin ceases, what happens to the law? The concept of sin as a reality will be gone at a certain point in time. Has the law changed so far, and if so, what laws? A change in the priesthood (from Aaronic to Melchizedek) has taken place. Centuries before this event had taken place, God had prepared for it. Certain laws did indeed change. Before the Israelites entered the Promised Land, they were forbidden to eat goats, sheep, and cattle away from the altar of sacrifice, even though they could eat wild game anywhere, but after they entered the land they could eat goats, sheep, and cattle anywhere in a non-sacrificial context. Eating blood was still prohibited. In the Millennium, all people will worship God in Jerusalem, but God's called-out ones are invited to worship God in prayer in spirit and truth in His very throne room. This alone we are privileged to do. In changing the rule about the venue for eating goats, sheep, and cattle, God was looking far into the future, realizing the proclivity of mankind to sin, and could envision a time when He would be forced to destroy the altar for centuries. God does not place needless burdens on people.

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Aaronic priesthood becomes moribund Acts 15:20-21 Bloodguilt Change in priesthood Daniel 9: Deuteronomy 12; 31:19-21 I John 3:4 Freeing people from a burden Galatians 3:19 Hebrews 4:14-16; 7:12-15 ; 8:6; 9: 22-26; 10:19-20 Isaiah 61: 1-2 Jerusalem conference John 4: 20-21 Leviticus 17: 3-7 'Liberalization' of the law Luke 4:18; 11:46 Mc Deer Mc Moose Prohibitions against eating blood Put away sin Romans 7:7 Setting at liberty those who are oppressed Shedding of blood represents killing of a living being Song of Moses When sin ceases

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