sermonette: New Year's Resolutions

What Are We Putting On?
Ronny H. Graham
Given 02-Jan-16; Sermon #1302s; 15 minutes

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Ronny Graham, citing a Time article indicating the futility of New Year's resolutions, asserts that they fail because they are too unrealistic or too many. The success rate of most of these resolutions, such as losing weight, quitting smoking, or learning something new are quite low. If we approach our spiritual goals in the same manner as setting New Year's resolutions, we will fail. As we examine ourselves, many of us realize how pitiful our spiritual progress has been since our calling. The Scriptures have mandated to God's called-out ones realistic goals of putting on righteousness, light, love, truth, tender mercy (putting on Christ) and casting off darkness, anger, and wrath. What we wear displays our spiritual state. After we put off the old man, we put on spiritual characteristics; we put on immortality.

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"After the Feast, I'm going to" Babylonian promises to gods Colossians 3:5-8 Examining ourselves Guard the truth Janus Job 14 Lent Making resolutions Put on Christ Put on righteousness Romans 13: 11-14 Rosh Hashanah Self-examination Self-improvement Time magazine Unrealistic goals


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