sermon: Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Two)

Malachi 2:10 to 2:16
Martin G. Collins
Given 06-Feb-16; Sermon #1307; 66 minutes

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Malachi appealed to the lethargic people of Judah, an appeal emphasizing God's love, reminding them that their lack of blessings emanated from their abandonment of their Covenant with God. Malachi assures the people of Judah that if they will repent, God's favor will resume, but if they continue defiling the Covenant, a day of reckoning will inevitably come. There are frightening parallels to our current society, which has publicly trashed God's Covenant in its laws and in the anti-God curriculum in the public schools and universities. The leaders, clergy, and common people, rejecting the fatherhood of God, are all responsible for the hideous curses falling on our people. All men and women, made in the similitude of God, are the offspring of God in their created natures. God the Father is specifically the Father of Christ. Jesus Christ, as the Logos, became manifest in somatic form as Melchizedek, King of Peace, High Priest of God, a Being who had existed eternally. The title "Son of God" expresses a unique relationship that Jesus Christ has with God the Father, a unity of substance with the Father. When applied to the First Fruits, the title "Son of God" describes a relationship of equality. The title "Son of God" describes Christ's role as the Revealer of God, the sole mediator of knowledge of God. God is the Father of all who believe in Christ in a special sense (removed from grim condemnation to privileged son-ship) that does not apply to unbelievers. The treachery against God's Covenant has a parallel with the men of Judah divorcing their mates and marrying pagan wives. In our marriage relationships, purity is maintained by attention and constant vigilance. Divorce is invariably attended by treachery, deceit, hypocrisy, hostility, and violence. Marriage can only be terminated on the grounds of death, sexual sin, and desertion. God cr

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Abba Father Abandoning God's covenant Abhorrence of divorce Acts 4:17; 17:28 All men are God's offspring Blasphemy Born again Born from above Christ as Merciful High priest Christ as the way, the truth, and the life Christ without descent in Abraham's time Covenant of marriage Dealing treacherously Deuteronomy 24:1-3 Divorce as an act of violence Divorce Ecclesiastes 12:7 Ephesians 5:5, 21-33 Ezekiel 16:8 Ezra 9:9-10 Faithfulness to the covenant Family of God Family relationship Father of spirits Fatherhood in a general sense Fatherhood of God applies to everyone Fatherhood of God I Corinthians 7:12-17 I John 3:2 I Timothy 2:3-4 Genesis 2:24 God as the sustainer of life God is not willing that any should perish God provides for just and unjust alike God's steadfast love Godly offspring Godly seed Hardness of heart "He who has seen me has seen the Father" Hebrews 2:17; 7:1-3 ; 12:9 Heirs of God Hostility Hypocrisy James 3:9 John 1:1-4,14; 3: 3, 16-18 ; 4:24; 10:30, 33-38; 14: 6-11; 20:17 Joint heirs with Christ Indwelling of the Holy Spirit Jones family name King of righteousness King of Salem King of peace Logos Malachi 2:10-16 Marrying pagan women Mark 7:18-20 Matthew 5:45; 18:10, 14 ; 19:3 Melchizedek Mixed marriages Nehemiah 13:25 Numbers 16:22 One Father Our spirit contains a record of our existence Permissive attitude on divorce Psalm 10:14; 68:5 Relationship of equality Romans 7:1-3; 8:14-17 Purity Ruth and Boaz II Corinthians 5:17; 6:14-18 Sexual immorality Sodom and Gomorrah Sons of God Spirit of adoption Treachery against mate Unequally yoked Unfaithfulness in marriage Unity of substance with the Father

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