sermon: Sincerity and Truth (Part One)

Christ and God's Word
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 23-Apr-16; Sermon #1318A; 77 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, citing Charles Hughes Smith's pronouncement that the entire status quo is a fraud, emphasizes that the entire western society seems to be invested in corruption and fraud, even as society as a whole is plunging off a precipitous cliff. Gary Sturgeon insists that 90% of everything is garbage, with only 10% possibly salvageable, but Satan has a grip on the entire cosmos and has the capability of damaging everything unless God miraculously intervenes. God's called out ones have been given the priceless gift of God's Word of sincerity and truth which has the power to sanctify (set apart and make holy). We must guard it as a life preserver, never letting it out of our sight. God the Father and Jesus Christ intended to leave us in the middle of all this fraud, providing a protective hedge against the worst Satan can do, sanctifying us with His truth in order that we rise above the deceit and fraud, learning to exercise godly discernment. In this worldly environment, we appear strange, odd, and even alien to society. In the Festival of Unleavened Bread, we recognize that God had to do something extraordinary ("flexing His muscles") to free our ancestors and us from the ruler of this world, redeeming us to be His people. God literally had to pull us out of our worldly prison, a way of life leading to certain death. As a symbol, unleavened bread emphasizes that the ancient Israelites had to leave in haste, totally unprepared for the trek ahead of them, and that they were totally dependent upon God for everything. God fed them manna (something unworldly and a type of the Bread of Life) to them for 40 years to test them, whether they would walk in His Torah. Abundant life comes to those who live by every word of God, ingesting it continuously. Unleavened Bread symbolizes Christ's body, His Words of sincerity and truth, and most importantly His Spirit, our portal to an eternal relationship with God, transforming us into what God is.

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According to the course of this world Angel's food Chesed Clean and unclean meats Complaining about fo od and water Consecrated Demonstration of God's strength Deuteronomy 8:2-3 Ephesians 2:1- 10 Exodus 12:15-20, 37-39 ; 13: 3-10; 16: 1-6; 31-35 Dedicated I Corinthians 5: 6-8 First Day of Unleavened Bread Devil's high security prison Eat the same stuff every day Fraud as a way of life Fraudulent society encompasses western world Galatians 12:9 Glory brilliant manifestation of God's character or holiness God's Word is a lamp Grace and truth Israelites ate only unleavened bread Israelites did not have time to bake leavened bread Logos Lusting after worldly food Manna Metaphorical spiritual leap II Timothy 3:1-17 Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life John 1:1, 14 6: 26 - 17:14-17, 63-69 Leaven of malice Link between God's Word and the Festival of Unleavened Bread and the Making holy Murmuring about food and water No eternal life except through Jesus Christ Numbers 11 Patty Hearst Providing food for the multitude Psalm 78; 81:6-13 Purge out the old leaven Raising us up to heavenly places Satan's dirty tricks Scarcity of food Setting apart Show them to be different and odd Stockholm syndrome Symbionese Liberation Army Taint of Satan's sticky fingers The Entire Status Quo Is a Fraud - oftwominds-Charles ... The Free Market vs. Fraud - Gary North The Status Quo Has Failed and Is Beyond Reform Theodore Sturgeon's law : 90% of everything is garbage Truth as God's tool for us Truth is hidden Unleavened bread What-is-it Whole counsel of God World mocks us Word was God

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