sermon: Where Is Your Ultimate Allegiance?

Persecution and Civil Disobedience
Martin G. Collins
Given 21-May-16; Sermon #1323; 73 minutes

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Martin Collins, reminding us that we, as followers of Christ, may suffer persecution, provides encouragement by reminding us we are promised boldness through the power of the Holy Spirit, making it unnecessary to prepare a response against the persecutors. When the laws of God conflict with the laws of man, civil disobedience is the only correct response, as was patterned by Peter, Paul, and the apostles, who boldly proclaimed Jesus' resurrection from the dead despite intimidations and threats from the religious establishment, terrified at losing their power base. The disciples knew, however, that with the power emanating from the Holy Spirit, the gates of hell could not prevail against their work. Peter was not in the least intimidated, boldly proclaiming to these religious leaders that: (1) they were guilty of crucifying Jesus, (2) Jesus rose from the dead, (3) the purpose of God was completed despite opposition and God's purpose alone will stand, and (4) Jesus is the only means of salvation, a statement which seems 'harsh' and 'intolerant' to most of the world. If we are following God, we will be compelled to disobey civil authority at some point. We cannot reclusively join a monastery nor should we become secular, cowardly assenting to evil laws, but we must fear God rather than man, righteously performing what God requires of us, realizing that our citizenship has been registered in Heaven. We should entrust ourselves to God for safe-keeping, realizing that the just shall live by faith.

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Acts 2:2, 41; 4:1-22; 5:29; 9:4; 23:6-9 Anastasis Authority of Christ Boldness of Peter, Paul, and John Civil disobedience Cowardly choices Exousia I Peter 4:16-19 Hebrews 10:36-38 Jesus as the stone rejected by the builders John 7: 42 46; 8:44; 9:5; 16:33; 19:11 Luke 7:4 Mark 13:9- 11 Mathew 13:20-21; 16:18 Paul dividing the Sanhedrin Persecution as a spirit of enmity Pharisees Philippians 2:14-15; 4:6-7 Psalm 118:142 Recluse, secular, cowardly, or righteous Resisting Satan and the charms of this world Revelation 8:17 Romans 10:2-3 II Sadducees Satan's world of enmity Taking no anxious thought II Timothy 4:17 Shadrach, Meschach, and Abednego Spotlight of publicity

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