sermon: Assurance (Part Two): Of the Path to Glory

Assurance and Suffering
Martin G. Collins
Given 18-Jun-16; Sermon #1328; 71 minutes

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Martin Collins, realizing that most people, both outside and inside the church, crave assurance , avers that we can have assurance that we are God's heirs and offspring if we are led by the spirit, remaining on the sanctified path of fellowship, growing continually in grace and knowledge. When we receive God's calling, God's Spirit bears witness that we are God's children. God has adopted us from the family of Adam (in which we had become bond-slaves to Satan) into His own family as adopted offspring, sealing us with a down-payment, (that is, the earnest-payment, or pledge) of His Holy Spirit, the means by which we replace our carnal nature with God's character on a kind of installment plan. In this new relationship, we are invited to view God the Father as Jesus Christ did—-Abba, which means Father or Daddy. We are, in God's sight, small, mistake-prone, but pliable children, encouraged to grow in grace and knowledge into the exact character of God as we bear the fruits of His Holy Spirit. At times, we are required to suffer as Christ did, in order to learn and to endure discipline, as God steers us away from deadly obstacles. Through much intense fire is precious metal refined. If we partake in Christ's suffering, we will be assured also to partake in His glorification. Trials often have the peculiar effect of making our testimony or witness more powerful.

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Adoption Anger as an approach to suffering Apathy Avoidance as an approach to suffering Blind man's testimony more resolute through pressure Co-heirs with Christ Deposit Discipline as proof of son-ship Earnest money belonging jointly to both buyer and seller Ephesians 1:13-14 Exodus 4:22 I Corinthians 9:27 I John 4:19 Galatians 5:22 Hebrews 2:10; 11:4-29 12:7-8, Hedonism Heroes of faith Hosea 11:1 Inheriting the father Isaac Isaiah 64:8 Jacob Jeremiah 3:19 John16:33 , 17:4-5 Joshua 13 Levi receiving no physical inheritance Matthew 5: 11-12; 6:5 12:50 New status and new relationships Moses Noah Objective genitive Offering of Cain and Abel Our; 9:27 Father in Heaven Prosperity Gospel Prosperity theology Psalm 73:26 Refining of precious metal Regeneration Romans 8:14-17 II Corinthians 1:22 ; 4:17-18 II Timothy 2:3-4; 4: 1-18 Sons of God Son-ship Spirit as guarantee Spirit of adoption Spirit of fear Stoicism Subjective genitive Straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel Suffering as proof of son-ship Suffering is necessary Suffering not intended to be masochism World rewards its own Zechariah 13:9

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