sermon: Assurance (Part Three): Glory and Hope

Romans 8:18-21
Martin G. Collins
Given 02-Jul-16; Sermon #1330; 76 minutes

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Martin Collins, reiterating that Romans 8 provides assurance that we are of God, asks us to consider that the sufferings we go through now are miniscule compared to the glory which we will later receive, completely eclipsing the glory of Adam and Eve before their fall. Our suffering is temporal, fleeting, and momentary, as compared to our glory which will be eternal. Though our outer body wastes away, our inner being waxes more powerful. Sadly, we are limited by our mortality and our materialism from seeing the full picture which God has been revealing to us; Paul wants us to take the time to think it though. The whole material creation has been subject to futility; we groan, Creation and the Holy Spirit, both personified by Paul, groan. Nature is not a self-perfecting entity, but an entity subject to decay and entropy. People who do not know God will either worship or destroy the creation instead of worshipping its Creator. Either way, they are slaves to nature, cursed by Adam's sin. We, as God's called out ones, also groan waiting for our redemption into spirit bodies, enabling us to see God as He is. Our groaning is more akin to the expectant groaning of a woman in childbirth, awaiting a new life. Childbirth pangs last relatively for a short time compared to the aftermath blessing. We groan in hope, realizing that our bodies will be delivered in future glory, when we experience adoption into the very family of God, the final trajectory of our hope.

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Adam and Eve's glory Adoption Axios Colossians 1:27 Comparison of future glory with present suffering Consider Creation longs for restoration Creation rescued from decay E=mc2 Ecclesiastes 1:14 Einstein Endurance Ephesians 2:4-5, 8 I Corinthians 4:9-13 I John 3:2-3 I Samuel 4:19-22; 7:3 Genesis 3:17-19 Glorification Glory Ichabod Intensity of suffering as compared to intensity of glory Hope Leviticus 25:23-24 Matthew 24:13;26:11 Nature not automatic perfecting principle Pollution Process of glorification Romans 5:1-5, 10; 8:18-25 Second law of thermodynamics II Corinthians 2:15; 4:8-12, 16-17 Sonship suffering as momentary Think it through thorns and thistles

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