commentary: America's Goddess (Part One)

The Statue of Liberty
Martin G. Collins
Given 09-Jul-16; Sermon #1331c; 11 minutes

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Martin Collins, recalling his early interest in the icon of America, the Statue of Liberty, describes his awakening as he learns that the true identity of this image, a gift from Freemasonry luminaries keeping a low profile, is none other than the Babylonian goddess Ishtar, Isis, Athena, Juno, Minerva, Semiramis, the 'Queen' of heaven, a pagan goddess, the representation of the mother of harlots, determined to break free from God's 'oppressive' sovereignty. The statue in New York Harbor, one of the largest ever made, could well be an indirect reference to the image of Revelation 18:23, depicting a proud, arrogant goddess who has led all the nations astray.

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Athena Babylon the Great Benjamin Franklin Easter Emma Lazarus Freemasonry Gustav Eifel Mason's Statue of Liberty.freemasons,ishtar,goddess,presidents, Mother of Harlots New Colossus New York City as headquarters of banking system New York Harbor Occult symbolism Pagan goddess on American soil Revelation 18:23 Riding into Your Mythic Life - Trish Broersma Green Horse Semiramis The Statue of Liberty and Freemasonry - Freemasonry Watch The Statue of Liberty — A Masonic Goddess from Top to Bottom


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