commentary: Political Correctness in Spades (Part Three)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 06-Aug-16; Sermon #1335c; 12 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, reiterating that 'progressive' liberal, leftist change agents are engaged in one unified agenda, namely the destruction of culture and the destruction of Christianity, maintains they are being guided by the prince of the power of the air and have successfully created confusion in culture, pitting neighbor against neighbor, weakening the structure of our civilization. A large percentage of our citizenry have accepted the noxious propositions of these change agents. Four examples of such propositions include 1) The preposterous assumptions behind the Black Lives Matter movement, 2) The equally unreasonable notion that white policemen should not be permitted to protect themselves from juvenile thugs, 3) The tacit license granted by society to Planned Parenthood to slay over 300,000 Black infants annually and 4) The endorsement of the scientifically bogus claim of gender-dysphoria, with its resultant public policy of allowing individuals who feel they have been born in the wrong gender to surgically 'switch' body styles. (Serious scientific studies have indicated that the DNA code has been pre-set at birth, and that superficial cutting and pasting does not meaningfully alter gender-specific biological hardware or its supporting chemical processes.) The nadir of liberal childishness is its denial of the reality of human nature, leading to the idea that the confiscation of firearms will result in an end to violence. Liberalism is clearly a dangerous, progressively debilitating mental disorder.

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Appeasing voting blocs Black babies don't matter Black lives matter Bruce Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Change agents Creating confusion in culture Democrat party home of 'change' agents Democrat politicians willing to put children at risk Dude pretending to be a woman Hypocrisy of Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood Liberalism is a mental disorder Liberalism militates against common sense Mecklenburg county bathroom fiasco Planned Parenthood as Murder Incorporated and Body Parts Chop Shop Putting children at risk Satan's control of 'change' agents


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