sermonette: Fellowship and Fellowshipping Are Very Important to God

Gary Garrett (1950-2019)
Given 15-Oct-16; Sermon #1347s; 16 minutes

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After Adam's and Eve's removal from the Garden of Eden, the sacrificial system was the only way to maintain contact with God. Adam and Eve were progenitors of an Edenic culture that had a fellowship based on the presence of the Lord, whereas Cain established a culture in Nod, based purely on human reason independent of God. Both Cain and Abel brought offerings to the Lord, but only Abel followed the instructions outlined by God, which required an animal sacrifice, prefiguring Christ's sacrifice. Cain's sacrifice, a grain or cereal offering, was intended to symbolize love for brethren, which was demonstrated to be false by his intense jealousy and murder of Abel. Cain aligned himself with the wicked way of Satan and ignored God's counsel for him to repent. If we lack love for our brethren who live in the presence of God, we are emulating Cain. It is God's desire that we stay in the fellowship. Cain denied the importance of the Edenic fellowship, causing him to be separated from God, as well as his fellow men. Today the church is our Edenic fellowship; we must cling to each other as we continue our spiritual pilgrimage.

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Adam and Eve had a direct relationship with God Anticipation for fellowship Avon Burnt offering symbolized relationship one had with God Cain and Abel Cain as fugitive and vagabond Cain's jealousy Cain's distinguishing himself as the first human murderer Cain's offering of the fruit of the ground Double waiver Eating eggs Eden had the presence and influence of God I Corinthians 1: 9, 18 I John 1:6-7; 2:9- 10; 3:10-12 Genesis 4:3-17 Matthew 5:23-24 Presence of the Lord- having God continually in one's mind Qawl Serial or grain offering symbolizing relationship with mankind Walking in the light Wine symbolized Holy spirit and the blood of Christ


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