feast: 1335

Charles Whitaker
Given 23-Oct-16; Sermon #FT16-10A; 35 minutes

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Charles Whitaker, reflecting on the events taking place as Christ bid His disciples farewell upon His ascension into Heaven, suggested that the approximately 75 days between the resurrection of Lazarus and Pentecost- brought about tumultuous activity and earth-shaking events. The disciples wanted eagerly to know what would happen next, just as we do do today. In that relatively short period of time, many miraculous and dramatic events occurred, including: (1) the resurrection of Lazarus, (2) the triumphal entry of Christ into Jerusalem, (3) the Passover , (4) the ripping of the Temple veil, an event which reverberated throughout the entire Jewish world , (5) the opening of tombs, populating the region with many people who had earlier died,, (6) the resurrection of Christ, (7) the ascension of Christ, and (8) Pentecost (the miraculous beginning of the New Testament Church). But then God seemed to turn off the fulfilled prophecy machine; God did nothing further dramatic during 31 AD. Years and months rolled by, speculations emerged and fizzled, with hope that Christ would re-appear on one of the impending holy days. Paul, who thought Christ would return in his lifetime, urged people to be eternally vigilant never letting down, reminding us to earnestly love His appearing. Those who love His appearing will receive a crown of righteousness. The apparent discrepancy in the number of days in Daniel's prophecies equal 75 days, perhaps duplicating the 75 dramatic days occurring between the resurrection of Lazarus and the resurrection of Christ. We may not see those 75 days, but will receive the blessing on day 1,335 if we continue to look forward to Christ's appearing.

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Abraham seeing a city far off Acts 1:6 ; 2:20 Constitution ripping in two Day of the Lord Deuteronomy 33:29 ; 39 Holy of holies to be separated from rest of building "I'm out of here" Joel 2: 31 John 8; 11; 12 Judgment from God Keeping atonement in effigy Leviticus 16 Loving Christ's appearing Luke 17:24 Matthew 27:51-53 Measuring rod Philippians 1:6 Revelation 11:1 Resurrection of Christ Resurrection of Lazarus Ripping of the veil from top to bottom indicates God was out of there II Timothy 4:8 Shekinah Tearing of the veil The talk of Jerusalem Time of Jacob's trouble 1260 days 1290 days 1335 days Daniel 12 Tishri 1 Tombs opened Temple as a centerpiece of Jewish culture

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