feast: The Third Day (Part Two)

Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 24-Oct-16; Sermon #FT16-11; 71 minutes

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Richard Ritenbaugh, focusing on the significance of the third day as a biblical motif, reiterates that the third day indicates a colossal turn-around from hopelessness and despair to victory and jubilation. The motif is also displayed in a secular event, the Battle of Gettysburg, in which, after two days of intense pounding from the Confederate Army, the Union forces finally rallied, turning the course of history around, to the ultimate saving of the Union. The third day rally, or revival motif, recurs throughout Scripture. For example, it manifests itself in David's sacrifice at the threshing floorof Aruna, when David finally realized the horrible depth of his sin. This action rallied Israel, leading to the construction of Solomon's Temple and a golden age for Israel. On the third day of creation, the sea and land were separated and seed life began to germinate. Another example is Jonah's revival from the belly of the great fish on the third day, which prefigured Christ's resurrection on the third day, at which time He was restored to His former glory. His post-resurrected body established His identity as the Messiah and Son of God. The disciples at that time internalized prophetic connections that were previously only academic in their thinking Isaac's rescue from certain death was another third day event, providing a type of Christ's resurrection. Because of Abraham's sterling obedience on this third day, his physical and spiritual offspring were richly blessed. After three days, Pharaoh's butler was restored, as Joseph's interpretation of his dream forecasted. Esther's petition before the king, restoring the well-being of her people, occurred on the third day. The Great Tribulation, using a year for a day principle, (two days of Satan's wrath and one day of God's wrath) will have its dramatic turn-around on the third day, when God's government will destroy and rep

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Acts 10:34-43 Ezra 6:15 Exodus 19 I Corinthians 15:3 Galatians 6: 6 Genesis 4:3-4; 22:1-14 Giving of the law at Mount Sinai God works on all kinds of levels God's presence on Mount Sinai on the third day Hosea 5:1-5,13- 6: 3 Israel of God Luke 13:31; 24 Matthew 12:21, 40 ; 17:22; 20:17-19; 27:63-64 Philippians 2:5 Revelation 3:15 20 Revelation and restoration to abundant life Ram similar to a lion Revival and restoration II Samuel Substitutionary sacrifice Terrible straits of relationship with God Third day of creation Three day plague on Israel Two days of tribulation and a third day in which a remnant turns to God Third day plague on the land Valley of dry bones Year for a day in Christ's ministry Jawe jira

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