sermon: Thank You for Finishing What You Start!

Philippians 1:1-11
Martin G. Collins
Given 19-Nov-16; Sermon #1351; 74 minutes

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Martin Collins, observing that, in the first five books in the Bible, there are no statements of "Thank you," nevertheless reminds us that the thank offerings in Leviticus 21:29 indicate that thanksgiving has a singularly profound meaning. King David was prolific in his expressions of gratitude to God, as was the apostle Paul in his letter to the Philippians. We should be thankful to God for His Holy Spirit, freedom of worship, spiritual blessings, fellowship, as well as God's promise that He will finish what He has started and that nothing can separate us from the love of Christ. Before the foundation of the world, God has already pre-destined specific calling and sanctification for individuals; God will keep on whittling away at our carnality until He has accomplished what He has purposed. The purpose of grace is to motivate good works, not to do away with them. Our first and foremost reaction to receiving God's Grace should be an outflow of love for our brethren, including the ones we have not met. Drawing an analogy from electrical theory, all good works depend on God's love, which is the pressure behind good works. Good works depend on a channel in which the amperage can be high. Our lives must not be filled with resistors which selfishly collect the flow or condensers which pirate this power for private use. The law of God multiplied by a life free of resistance equals good works. Our life must be freed from obstructions and imperfections, reflecting the fruits of the spirit as we are attached to the Vine, just as a faucet must be connected to a pipeline to produce water. Happiness is found only in the truth of God.

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Abounding love Acts 2:42 Amperage is a measurement of flow Being sensitive to the mercies of God Being washed of sin British universities Cartus Child falling in the mud-puddle analogy Christ is the true vine Christian unity Corinthians Cracked pottery Discernment through Holy Spirit Dissolving of barriers Electrical science Electrical theory Ephesians 2:8-10; 4:13; 619 Epicnosis Erastus Electrical theory Eucharistao Faithful study of the Bible Faucet in bathtub Fine pattery Fruit bearing Gratia Hebrews 10:14 Human nature Hypocrisy John 10:18-27; 15:2 Lawrence of Arabia Leviticus 21:29 Love must be discriminating Lucian Matthew 27:4 Mind of God My sheep hear my voice Philippians 1:1-17 Pottery metaphor Pressure x flow = power Pruning idols Pruning Psalm 1:3; 136:1, 5, 7,11-13, 23; 138:8 Romans 3:9-12, 27; 11:38-39 ; 16 Sanctification process II Corinthians 4:8,9, 14; 17 Sincera Sun testing Testing money Tretius Voltage is a measurement of pressure Volts X Amperes = Watts Wattage is a measurement of power Word of God

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