sermon: Checklist for Overcoming

Overcoming Satan's Temptations
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 21-Jun-97; Sermon #294; 79 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh examines the problem of empty externalism (accompanied by no inward change) extant in the greater church of God- a problem which led to its scattering. All of us, individually and collectively were responsible for its demise. God has promised to hear our prayers if we humble ourselves and turn from our sins. Having the right doctrines is of no avail unless they are acted upon. After our conversion, our minds become a perpetual battleground against our prideful human nature, requiring that we sacrifice and humble ourselves in God's service. Romans 12-16 provide a checklist for overcoming and promoting positive relationships, developing tender affection toward one another. We must realize that we are mutually dependent upon one another, and that God has given gifts so that all may benefit or profit.

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Aholiab Attack on Christ Act of self destruction Attitude Authority Bezalel Character Church Cynicism Distrust Disunity Elders Enemy Empty externalism Equality Example of Christ Fast Gifts God?s sovereignty Human nature Humility Idolatry Inequality Justification Ministry Natural endowments Parable of talents Peacemakers Potter and clay analogy Pharisees Pride Repentance Respecter of persons Rule Sacrifice Scattering Shepherd Solomon?s prayer Spirit of sacrifice Teachers Tender affection Vanity War stories

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