sermon: Keeping God's Standards

Living by God's Ways
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 02-Aug-97; Sermon #300; 69 minutes

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Following the model of the European Trade fairs, the British perfected the first set of standards because of business necessity or the desire to make profit. Without accurate standards of weight and measurement, chaos and anarchy would result. God's Commandments will be the spiritual weights and measures in the world tomorrow, but until then, we as a tiny insignificant remnant have been called out to reform and purify our lives, glorifying God by keeping these standards as a bright light, growing in grace and knowledge to the full stature of Christ, keeping them in trust as a special people, practicing what we are to become.

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Acre Advance Beatitudes Carob seed Chaos and confusion Covenant breakers Cubit Mr. Gelb‚s Butcher Shop Earthen vessels End times Foolish virgins Forgiveness Gun lap Light Mile Rod European trade fair Overcoming Reprobate mind Standards Weights and measures World Yard

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