feast: Motivation to Endure

Keeping the Goal in Mind
John O. Reid (1930-2016)
Given 23-Oct-97; Sermon #FT97-14; 80 minutes

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John Reid, taking a cue from prisoner of war examples, identifies four factors that will boost a person's resolve to endure sore trials: (1) Hope (that the war would end) (2) Faith (in the ability to tough it out) (3) Vision (of being able to escape), leading to a (4) Determination (or mindset not to give in.) We can profitably apply these four factors to our Christian lives. Hope consists of the expectation of good. (Acts 26:1-7) Faith consists of holding fast to the body of beliefs we have been given (Jude 3). Vision (prophetic understanding of our future role in the Kingdom of God) derives from keeping God's Law (Proverbs 29:18). Without daily contact with God in prayer and Bible study, and without continual contact and encouragement from our brethren, we run the risk of losing the determination to persevere or never giving up. God has already assured us that He has all the factors of our present and future trials under His control.

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Abraham Apostle Paul Endurance First fruits Healing of the land John Brody Korean war prisoners Moses Overcoming Paul Persecution Priests of God Proactive Singleness of purpose Temptation Will to live Viet Nam prisoners of war

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