sermonette: God In Us

Ronny H. Graham
Given 08-Dec-18; Sermon #1464s; 15 minutes

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Ronny Graham, comparing the longest words with the shortest words in the English language, avers that the tiny preposition in has more depth and complexity than the longest words. The preposition in, as in the constructions "in Christ" or "in the church" (or in Jesus Christ's lengthy prayer in John 17, wherein the word "in" appears 43 times), emphasizes the importance of the relationship between Jesus Christ and His Father. Additionally, in emphasizes the importance of our relationship to the Father and to His Son. The force of the preposition in reveals that the Father loves us to the same degree that He loves Jesus Christ. Finally, the preposition in also stresses that God and His Son want to make their home in us, through the Holy Spirit. Is there anything greater than God's love for us? We have a solemn responsibility to reciprocate their love.


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