sermon: Letters to Seven Churches (Part Five): Thyatira

Married to the Enemy
Richard T. Ritenbaugh
Given 02-Mar-19; Sermon #1476; 73 minutes

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The Thyatira epistle, appearing midway among the seven, carries a central theme for all seven churches, namely the tendency to syncretize worldly ideas with the truth of God, a practice engulfing worldly churches and infiltrating into the ranks of the Church of God. Satan is succeeding in driving wedges between God and His people. Many of the inhabitants of Thyatira were members of trade guilds, steeped in pagan worship practices, frequently demanding allegiance to Apollo, Artemis, or Sybil (symbolic of an ungodly prophetess), who serves as a deliberate parallel to Jezebel, the pagan wife Ahab. While some members of the Thyatira congregation remained faithful, many through their syncretization, became "married to the enemy." In the letter, Christ emphasizes their need to put out evil, exchanging toxic compromise for durable righteousness, ensuring them that their lack of faithfulness will ultimately result in sickness and death. To the segment of the congregation which had assiduously and consistently refused compromise, Christ promises that He will lay no further burdens and that they would receive the Morning Star (symbolic of Christ Himself), enabling them to be at One with Him.

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