sermonette: Can God Look on Sin?

God's Watchful Eyes
Ryan McClure
Given 02-Nov-19; Sermon #1514s; 18 minutes

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Ryan McClure takes issue with the belief that God the Father is unable to look on sin, based on a misinterpretation of Matthew 27:46 and Habakkuk 1:13. In point of fact, many scriptures assure us that God's eyes run to and fro through the whole earth observing the evil and the good, rewarding the good and punishing the evil (II Chronicles 16:7-9; Psalm 11:4-7; Job 28:24-25, 31:4). God cannot look upon evil without taking action. Knowing that God sees absolutely everything, we as God's Called-out ones need to repent, walk circumspectly, and put on the character of our Elder Brother.


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