biblestudy: Lamentations (Part 1; 1989)

Apostle Paul's Physical Hardships
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 01-Apr-89; Sermon #BS-LA01; 67 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh gives us empathy for the apostle Paul, graphically portraying his physical hardships involving more than 6,500 miles of perilous foot- and sea-travel. Through the eyes of various secular, contemporary histories, we vicariously experience his difficulties working his trade, problems with lawless communities, frequent inclement weather, unsanitary inn accommodations, dangers from wild animals, hazardous ship travel, overbearing treatment from Roman soldiers, etc. The study then shifts to an introduction to the book of Lamentations, focusing on grim hardships (similar to Paul's perils) Christians may face in the future.

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Acts of John Dirges Golden Ass Grief Hard Times Echah How Josephus Lamentations Lionel Casson Ninth of Ab Professional mourners Travel In the Ancient World

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