biblestudy: Hebrews (Part 2)

Hebrews 2:1-13
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 18-Aug-87; Sermon #BS-HE02; 89 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh observes that Hebrews is addressed to a people living at the end of an era, who were drifting away, had lost their first love or devotion, and were no longer motivated by zeal. Through lack of prayer, Bible study, and meditation, they had incrementally lost their portion of God's Holy Spirit, which now resembled a tiny, sporadic drip from a water skin. Through careless neglect, they were allowing something precious to slip out of their fingers, squandering a far greater treasure—their potential to become members of the God Family—than the people under the Old Covenant had neglected. Christ, our Trailblazer or Forerunner, was perfected through suffering, and we are to be perfected in the same way. We also need to be made perfect (adequate for our ultimate purpose) through suffering.

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Anchor Archegos Cause of salvation Christ's vindication Defile conscience Divine nature Drifting Drip, drip, drip Glory and honor Holocaust Human perspective Isaiah Isaiah's children Jewish reaction to danger Malaise Mankind's potential New order Old covenant Oracles of God Pathfinder Perabasis Phillips screw driver analogy Remnant Sanctification Ship losing mooring Spiritual energy Suffering Superiority of Christ Trailblazer Water bottle Wine skin Zeal

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